Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Pyramids of Giza for the first time in 2,737 years on December 3, 2012

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Can we take some precious time out of our lives and thank The Lord for bringing these two beautiful men to earth?

Is it weird that I imagine that someday ol’ Dean-o is going to move back to Florida just to be closer to him? Then he’ll be that weird neighbor trope in the sitcom that will be Roman’s life.

That’s a show I want to watch

Jojo just said something heartwarming and she and Roman hug (crowd: awwww!), but then in busts Dean, probably from a window instead of a door, and he’ll say his catchphrase….uh…I don’t know…”Who’s the man?!” (crowd: ahahahaaaaa!). Roman shakes his head and makes an “oh Dean!” face. *cut to commercial*

Dean would burst in through the window or come downstairs like he was always there and he like never leaves

Oh man, that’s perfect. Like earlier in the episode, he leaves through the front door, but ten minutes later he’s walking down the stairs and Roman’s like “dude…how the hell did you get up there?”
To borrow a bit from HIMYM, since Dean is a worse-dressed Barney Stinson in my head, there’s be an episode where he brings some chick back to Roman’s house, pretending it’s his (because it’s nicer).

This just keeps getting better now I wanna see this show.

Los Angeles Sun Hitting The Ground. Photo By David Hanjani

saga by Saga on Flickr.